TYSC Coaching Expectations:

Coach according to the Triangle Y Soccer Club Philosophy and the Mission of the YMCA.

Support all YMCA personnel including Site Directors and Officials.

Begin the first practice with a team talk, allowing initial contact with kids to be personal and warm. Get on a first name basis immediately. Learn the children’s names as soon as possible. Use name tags if necessary.

Please be as punctual as possible for all team events. Make sure at least one coach is present for all team events.

If a team chooses not to use a practice time, please notify Mark Simmons or Beanie Clapper. Also, if you wish to practice at a time other than your assigned time, please contact one of them as well. Please do not assume the field is not in use - other events may be going on on your practice field.

Be safe, have fun, be organized, and stress fundamentals.

Keep all children who are on the sideline actively involved in the game. Coach both people on the field and on the bench.

Have a basic offensive pattern that lets children use their ability to the advantage of the team. A poor dribbler or passer could be assigned to always throw the ball in bounds. Children should be placed in a position on the field where they can have some success AND improve with experience while learning new skills.

Let several different children share in the leadership responsibility on the team during each game.

Match up players properly – best on best. It’s easy to score when there is a mismatch, but morale suffers.

Congratulate all success – passes, dribbling, defense, any good attempts and any improvement upon skill.

Coaching Resources

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Welcome to the Coaching Corner. Here you will find tips and expectations for coaching with the Triangle Y Soccer Club. If you don't see what you need here, please email our coaching coordinator, Bob.

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